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My previous paintings and sculptures were created quite a while back. There was a period of time I was concentrating on my interiors projects and didn't have time for painting and sculpting, now I am excited to get back to create some arts again.

I have always been interested in light and shade and how they interplay to bring a blank canvas into a painting, or a flat piece of wire mesh into a sculpture. The subject I like to paint and sculpt is the torsos, the scale and proportion of the human body. And I also paint buddha faces, because of the balance, calm and symmetry of the features.

To enhance the play of light and shade, I paint in a monochromatic style, for wire mesh sculptures, they are all start with as rectangular shape and hand moulded into a 3 dimensional form.

At present, I am going back to the first subject, continuous to explore the human torso as you have seen in my recent works.

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